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When Creation Calls, Always Answer!

Last year I had much deliberating on whether I would continue making and selling doll's, the main reason being the amount of time spent on Doll making, the upkeep of my online store and Instagram and all of the other many time consuming aspects of owning and running a small business.  I felt like I was neglecting my household chores (who likes washing dishes anyway) and my most Important role as a Mother to three Beautiful children who are in my care full time and as of this year are now being Home schooled.

The painful decision was made that the doll's would take the backseat and it was uncertain If I would ever start making them again! this did not feel good to me, I get so much enjoyment out of doll making and Love turning my inner visions into something tangible!  So what was needed was better time management and a change in my mindset.  I released all the pressures I had placed on myself and the situation and found that the time I needed for everything to work, found me!

I completed my Daughter's first doll and created a Gorgeous modern girl for myself (below), I have just finished an old order for a customer who asked me to make a dress for her yet to be born Daughter, who is now about to be Christened in her Beautiful Heirloom Christening gown, and to top that off I have had constant emails asking me when I will be selling dolls again, so you all seem to love Wild Rose dolls just as much as I do!

So this doll making chapter continues, the ordering process will be a bit different, dolls will be listed as 'made to order' unless there are 'ready to ship' dolls available, there will be special listings for 'Bespoke Designer Dolls' where you select your favourite couture design, colours, hair etc. all from previously made dolls, If you loved Aurora but would have preferred her in Pink tones, she is yours! If you would love Amaya's bright and colourful headpiece with Valentina's couture gown, she is yours! The options are limitless.

Giving you the chance to personalize your doll and allowing you to take an active role in her creation, the end result will be a Unique Heirloom piece that works beautifully with your child's personality and just as Importantly, your Interiors. These listings will be limited and you are welcome to discuss any design elements with me prior to ordering.

Site will be updated and running on Monday the 26th february 9:00am AEDT, all items listed will be 'made to order' with AfterPay available.

Thank you all for sticking with me during this decision and I hope to be sending many Bespoke designer dolls around the globe this year.

Much Love,

Grace xxx



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